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When photography emails copy

It’s Jennie Laakso’s last day at Helsinking Originals! Jennie’s been on a photography-based work placement with us since January 2018. To mark the day, here’s a wee email conversation between her and Heidi Aho, our agency’s Copywriter.

What follows is a sneak peek into Helsinking Originals’ company culture.

Heidi Aho (Copywriter): Let’s get this party started! When did you first realize you wanted to become a photographer?

Jennie Laakso (Photography Trainee): Hey! Since a very young age I’ve had a great interest in photography and cinematography. I always seem to think in pictures and scenes. I’m really pleased I chose this path and this path chose me. My first question for you: What’s your story?

Heidi: So, me, I was born in Helsinki, moved to Rotterdam just after I turned four, where I was taught English by friendly Americans at an international school (the accent’s stuck). Lived in Hong Kong for a bit, fast forward to me getting into British Harvard, cut to me working in London’s charity sector for five years. My BritBae and I moved to Finland in September 2016 because I’ve always longed for Finland as you long for that last piece of carrot cake left in the fridge. I’d also been drooling over the idea of being an agency copywriter for a good long while. So, you could say I’m pretty bloody pleased to be writing for HELSINKING 24/7 till my sticky-from-the-icing thumbs hurt. My turn to ask a question… Name something/someone that inspires your photography?

Jennie: Candid, real people inspire me the most and art in general. My question for you: Why did you choose that profession? Have you always been interested in writing? I know you love books!

Heidi: I think I was fourteen when I woke up to the fact that I had a major crush on writing. Lots of that drive came from a jaded, teenagery kind of place, but the self-expression side has stuck. I’m a sensitive and sometimes stupidly selfless person, both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I always have plenty of emotionally-laden material to write about; that and I find it easy to step into the worldview and raison d’être of brands. A curse because, sometimes, I find it difficult to prioritize personal writing projects, as other people’s ambitions pull at my heartstrings more than mine do. Next question for you: What’s it like working at HELSINKING?

Jennie: So my answer is – It’s been fun times at the office indeed! Helsinking’s Strategic Lead and Co-Founder Lauri Laukkanen was my mentor for the spring and all in all I got a lot of new priceless experiences. And my last question: What do you like best about working for Helsinking Originals?

Heidi: What first drew me to Helsinking Originals was their fearlessness. I was welcomed with open arms by some cool people who knew what they wanted. The stability and track record of the key creatives here helps me bring my creative A-game. Which feels ruddy brilliant.

Jennie and Heidi wish you a lovely weekend, filled with many a hair flick!

Read more about two other members of the Helsinking crew: Julia (our trainee from January-May 2018) and Teemu, our Director of Photography! 

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