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State of Angelia: Fast Content & VR – “Think BIG.”

Fuel your content with outside-the-box ideas — and we’re talking big ideas here. Think big.
Our first few days in California have gone in a flash of inspiration. We’ve wrapped our heads around some fascinating advertising campaigns; whether it’s all over our morning coffee cup (Starbucks’ “Blonde breaks rules” campaign) or SpaceX’s Tesla stunt, which went viral minutes if not seconds after launch.
This blog’s all about one of the first interviews we did with R&R Agency’s Media Manager John Osborne. R&R has seen through campaigns for the likes of the Las Vegas tourism board.
What’s the biggest challenge currently facing social media marketing? 
“I think the main challenge brands face is that the internal bureaucracy they have in place is too slow, which results in not enough fast-paced content. Ideas are being sent for sign off from person A to person B, and meanwhile, the content should really already be out there. Succeeding on social media requires fast-paced, relevant content which is why agility is a real advantage,” Osborne explains.
What does quality, next-level content look like to you? 
“The content needs to be unique, outside the box, content that thinks big,” he explains, “It’s also super important, from day one, to plan and craft your content for the right audience,” he continues.
What are your predictions on upcoming social media/advertising trends?
“I believe social media content and new media channels are here to stay. But the volume of content will keep increasing, which means you need to be able to distinguish yourself from the crowd. The winners will be the ones fast-paced enough to keep their content relevant. I don’t think 2018’s going to be the year VR breaks into the mainstream.”
Thanks for the interview John and all the best on the social media marketing front!
Team Angelia

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